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Dankwoods Mars Og – Dankwoods blunt – Dankwoods pre rolls Dankwoods for sale Mars…

Dankwoods Mars Og – Dankwoods blunt – Dankwoods pre rolls

Dankwoods for sale Mars Og


Mars OG is a strong and relaxing medicinal marijuana strain that is produced by crossing Mars and OG. The Indica variety is dominant in this strain. Mars OG is an indica dominant hybrid strain that offers a spacey, stone with a heavy body buzz and originated in the California bay area. Mars OG has a pungent, earthy citrus aroma; a pleasant scent for the nostrils. The taste of Mars OG will likely conjure feelings of nostalgia, it’s rich taste is that classic OG Kush flavour.


As a result of a Fire OG cross, Mars OG Dankwoods for sale originates from the Bay Area as a “Planetary Strains” a series of OG crosses named after the planets marked by a style of growing where plants start indoors and finish outdoors.

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The plant produces several buds that are green in color with traces of orange. It has a mild to medium high THC level that ranges from 16.53 percent to 21.75 percent.




Positive Effects

-Giant Appetite
-Comatose Sleep
-Helps With anxiety
-Mild chronic pain

Negative Effects



-Dry mouth

-Dry eyes

-Especially Headache when consumed improperly according to tolerance levels.

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