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Dankvapes Birthday cake – Birthday cake Strain – Vape cartridges For sale Dankvapes Birthday…

Dankvapes Birthday cake – Birthday cake Strain – Vape cartridges For sale

Dankvapes Birthday cake


Dankvapes Birthday Cake Marijuana strain, which also goes by Wedding Cake Flavor. This is a cannabis strain notable for its delicious vanilla flavor, sweet with a slightly nutty undertone. Also, this hybrid gets its unique terpene and cannabinoid profile, from combining the genetics of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies with the Cherry Pie strain. Moreover, This cake delivers 24%-26% THC along with spicy, piney smoke and a sweet taste, according to ACSB.


Dankvapes for sale, buy dank carts online, with vape carts 1.1 grams high-grade cartridges. Birthday cake marijuana strain, these buds have a super frosty appearance, much like a birthday cake, with large and dense oversized heart-shaped light forest green nugs that have sparse fiery orange hairs.  Further, buy vape dank carts, vape carts for sale. When you open up your package of Birthday Cake Kush, it’s like receiving a scrumptious, colorful birthday gift. Its dense, round buds are a deep green and loaded with purple hues while covered in a thick coat of trichomes that make it look like it’s been dipped in frosting.

Dankvapes birthday cake flavor – Birthday Cake – Vape Carts for sale – dankwoods 

Effects of Birthday Cake Strain

  1. Energizing
  2.  Euphoria
  3. Happy
  4.  Hungry
  5.  Relaxing

Birthday cake Marijuana Strain Flavors

  1. Earthy
  2. Sweet
  3. Vanilla
  4. Spicy

Medical Value – Importance of dankvapes flavor Birthday Cake

  1. Pain
  2. Stress
  3. Depression
  4. Insomnia
  5. Headaches

Despite having both 50-50 hybrid parents, the Birthday Cake strain demonstrates effects that lean dominantly on the indica side of the spectrum. The flavor encounter that comes with Birthday Cake’s heavy, creamy smoke almost exactly replicates its aroma – save for the added tinge of gasoline. But other than that minor change, it pretty much tastes like lemon cake with vanilla frosting.

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