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Dankvapes berry blast – Berry Blast Marijuana strain – Dank Vapes OG Dankvapes Berry…

Dankvapes berry blast – Berry Blast Marijuana strain – Dank Vapes OG

Dankvapes Berry Blast


Dankvapes Berry Blast, marijuana strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) with a powerful cerebral high to match its bag appeal. Created by Snow High Seeds, the prolific Oregon-base, breeders responsible for strains like Black Mamba. As such, this strain is a cross between omnipresent Blue Dream and heavy, stoney Johnny Blaze. Buy blast berry OG, Its THC levels is between 16% and 28%.


This sativa dominant hybrid, is one of a kind, taking after the best of both parent strains. Moreover, It offers the look you expect from a sativa, light and fluffy, pale to medium green buds. With blue and purple shades mixed in due to the Blue Dream lineage. Along with, a frosty layer of white crystals coating the edges. Dank vapes carts, dank tank vapes, berry Blast OG, is mark by medium to large flowers, that have a uniquely tapered, conical shape. Further, The mossy green leaves are shot through with hairy orange pistils. Vibrant shades of purple are often present as well. These colors come about when anthocyanin pigments in the plant’s genetics are agitated by cold weather during vegetation.

Dank Carts – Dankvapes Berry Blast Strain – Berry Blast OG – Dankwoods Price

Effects of dankvapes blast berry Strain

  1. Focused
  2. Relaxed
  3. Energetic
  4. happy
  5. Euphoric

Blast berry Strain Flavors

  1. Berry
  2. Candy
  3. Sweet
  4. Earthy

Medical Use/ Benefits of dankvpes Blast Berry

  1. Depressed
  2. Anxiety
  3. Nausea
  4. ADHD symtoms

Additionally, full gram vape cartridges, vape carts blast berry is true to its name, this variety hits consumers with a fruity blueberry blast as soon as it’s freed from its container. This aroma, verging on overly sweet, is underscored by some sharp citrus notes. As a result, it should come as no surprise to find users smiling for no reason or becoming more and more talkative. The euphoria also encourages an upbeat disposition.

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